Olav Hammer




NEUR was
able to host three conferences.

In September
2006, we chaired two series of panels at the EASR conference in
 – one on the
reception of the East
, and one on the
interaction between religion in Eastern and Western Europe

In May
2007, we hosted a conference on art as a
vehicle of religious speculation

On 23 to 25
August 2007, we hosted a conference on religion
and identity politics
. This conference is the point of departure of a
volume combining a selection of papers presented there, with a number of
specially commissioned contributions. For further information, see Books.

NEUR-related publications 

history of religions is the focus of several other volumes, on topics such as
Esotericism in Scandinavia, Pre-Christian religions in Europe, and conceptions
of Christ in religious currents outside the Chrisatian theological mainstream. Further
information on these and other volumes can be found under Books.

research activities

Besides the
activites sketched above, I am interested in the ways in which religious claims
are legitimated. Ongoing work in this area concerns the use of science as a
means of legitimating religious claims, as well as the appeal to tradition.